If you haven’t seen it, check out the new post about guidelines on Suite101. You can find the new Suite101 guidelines by clicking here.

The one that stands out the most to me and will likely get more writing overall for Suite101 is lifting the minimum article requirement. Previously, Suite101 required writers to submit at least 10 articles per 90 days, which was an average of about three (3) articles per month, give or take, in order to stay active. Suite101 has now lifted that requirement, so writers, as long as they meet all other guidelines, will stay active even if they have to take a break.

Another things that changed is the ‘voice’ of the articles are no longer required to be in third person. Previously, Suite101 required only third person articles with no opinion interjected. They would, in the case of how-to articles, sometimes allow second person, if it wasn’t in your face type of second person, but they never allowed first person. Now, they are allowing both first and second person, though they state they still prefer third person for most of their articles. Second person can now be fully used for how-to writing and opinion pieces just might get accepted when written in first person, as long as they meet all the other guidelines. This is an interesting step.

Lastly, they have widened the article length requirements. I have before, being the queen of verbosity, submitted a well-written, fantastic article to Suite101 only to have their article template reject the article without any chance to appeal to a human editor. Suite101 has now increased the high-end length to 1000 words. They still prefer, from what I gather, for articles to be about 500-600 words, but they are allowing shorter and longer articles in some instances. At the very least, the computerized template would reject it out of hand.

There are other changes, but these are the best ones at this point. To see the rest, click the link up above and go read for yourself.

If you were hesitant to write for Suite101 for the reasons above, then perhaps it’s time to apply for a writing position with them. I’m thinking their featured writers’ minimum requirements are still intact (I’m not and currently don’t want to be an FW with them, so I’m not sure.)

The only thing I don’t understand is why they didn’t send this one out to all the writers in an email. I only found it by accident when I logged into Suite101 and happened to see it there on the My Suite page.

If you want to check out my content on Suite101, you can do so here on my profile or my articles list. If you have any questions, head to the Suite101 forum where they are discussing these changes.

Keep writing!

Love and stuff,