A law firm has been retained in consideration for a potential class-action lawsuit against Mahalo.com.Because it is a pending legal action, I can’t go into too much detail here on the blog or in email, but if you’ve ever written for, completed tasks for, answered or asked questions for, or managed pages at Mahalo.com, you might qualify as a member of the class or have information helpful to us.

To learn more, you can contact the law firm of Green Welling, LLP, and the attorney to whom I have spoken at:

Green Welling LLP

Attn: Nicole D. Reynolds

595 Market Street, Suite 2750, San Francisco, CA 94105

Tel:  (415) 477-6700

Fax: (415) 477-6710

Email: ndr (at) classcounsel (dot) com

If you have any information, documentation, screen captures, emails, other communications or experiences with Mahalo.com–whether or not you still work/write for them–we would appreciate your contacting the law firm to share that information with them. You can remain anonymous under attorney/client privilege, even if you are a current contractor or employee of Mahalo.com. Even *I* won’t know who you are unless you choose to be named.

If you know people who have contracted with or were employed by Mahalo.com, please spread this information around and give it to them so they can contact the law firm directly for more information.

Thank you to everyone. We appreciate your help.

Love and stuff,