Google Adsense seems to be the fallback position for most everyone writing on the internet on a blog today in order to make money with their blog. Unfortunately, the majority of people who have Adsense on just one or two blogs or websites are not going to see any significant money coming in from Adsense. Google is really set up for their Adsense program to run on large websites, with lots of traffic. Small blog sites or sites with niche markets aren’t going to see much money, and the ads tend to be more annoying than they are something people click on anymore. Most people have learned to tune out the ones that aren’t obnoxious, and refuse to visit sites with the ones that are obnoxious.

Then there’s ad blocking software that many people use that prevents them from even seeing the ads, and thus prevents you from making any money from them. Contextual linking is another method used to make money, but the semantic understanding of contextual linking has a long time to go before it’s accurate enough to be truly helpful to the reader. Because of that, I’m not sure sure how helpful it is to the advertisers.

So how can you make money on a blog if you choose not to use Adsense or contextual links, or if you do use Adsense and the pennies are trickling in way too slowly? Read the rest of this entry »