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Accentuate book reviews are free of charge, but we do askĀ  that you submit a copy of your book to us in order to provide the review. Only in very limited instances will we review a digital copy of the book if a print version is available. The only time we look for digital copies of books for review is when the only version of the book that exists is a digital version. We have nothing against digital ebooks, in fact we love them, but sometimes it’s nice to get away from the computer screen and curl up with a book to read for a review. Please send a copy of your book to us at:

TTM, LLC – Accentuate

ATTN: Michelle Devon-Reviews

PO Box 1135

League City, TX 77574


Please include with your book a short note that you’re requesting a review and leave us your email address. Drop a business card in with the book if you have one (and you know you should have an author’s business card, right?). We will contact you within four weeks of receipt of the book to schedule the interview and let you know we’ve received the book and when to expect it. Generally speaking, reviews take anywhere from 1-8 weeks to complete, depending on schedule, length and type of books and reviewer availability. Please be patient and remember we don’t charge for this, but it does take us a little time.


We provide you a tear-sheet style review, in PDF format that you can use to quote, post online in its entirety (though we like a link back, and we require credit, you can put the entire thing on your log or press release or whatever you choose). We also post shorter reviews with links to the places to purchase your books online on a minimum of seven different blogging formats, including here on the Accentuate blog, Xanga, Facebook’s Networked Blog, Book Marketing Ning, sometimes on Myspace, and a few other places too. We promote your book review on the Accentuate Writers Forum and in the Accentuate Reviews Newsletter. We also post shortened reviews on’s book pages, and on B&’s book pages. If you give us a coupon for free access to purchase your book on Smashwords, we’ll put a review up there too.


Healthy skepticism in the literary industry is a good thing, because there are plenty of people out there willing to take advantage of aspiring artists’ hopes and dream. Accentuate has been in business, registered with the State of Texas, for over 15 years now. We have been an author services company exclusively since 2003, and we have the reputation and name behind what we do. The founder of Accentuate lives with a philosophy: You are what you help others become.

To that end, Michy (Michelle Devon) does her best as a successful writer to give back to the writing community, thus perpetuating the success for everyone. Plus, she likes to read and is always open to a new good book or finding a new favorite author. In exchange for a copy of the book, she provides a service that benefits the reviewer, her own blog with content, and the reader with information on new books and the writer with promotion. With that much good to come from it, it just makes sense. But also, Accentuate will link sometimes with affiliate links or earnings links to your books, thus earning small amounts from the sale without taking anything away from the author or the publisher, as well as getting an easy stream of fun content for the blogs and newsletters. Everyone wins!


That depends on what you consider a bad review. You will get an honest review that hits the high points of your book and might mention room for improvement. If you truly believe you have a story to tell, then let us read it and see. We have a policy that we will not review a book that sucks, so if we can’t find anything nice to say about it, we will send the book back in like-new condition with our assessment. That’s only ever happened twice. Usually, there is always something good in every story, and remember: there really is no way to get bad publicity. Reviews are a great way to mobilize folks to read your books.


Nope. Hate spam. Hate high-pressure tactics. All our services are listed on our website and forum, so if you want to participate or get a quote, great, and if not, all you’ll ever get is communication about your review. If you like buying any of the books we review, we always love that, but you’re not required to buy any.



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